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How To Give Bereavement Messages And Find Words Of Condolence

Grief brings out strong feelings in everyone. Fragility and anger mix. Some are more prone to be distressed, others angry and aggressive, others bewildered. Everyone is different, though there is always one constant. Grief brings out a myriad of usually careful hidden emotions in everyone. Sending bereavement messages and giving supporting words of condolence can […]

The 5 Steps of Grief – Simplified for Those in Mourning

The 5 steps of grief or stages of grief comes from a famous model named after Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, as her book “On death and dying” in 1969 opened doors to far more sensitive treatment to individuals with fatal diseases. She defined the following mourning stages: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance It is a helpful […]

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

Moving poetry and music can certainly help us when dealing with death and coping with bereavement. Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep is one of the most famous poems associated with grief and with funerals. It has been set to music by many people and has often been sung beautifully. The original poem […]

Songs About Death

Music can be a powerful force for our emotions. As grief comes upon us, we need something to hold onto so that we can feel our grief and mourn, but we do not want to drown in the misery that can come upon us. Songs about death and mourning can sometimes help us. Here is […]

Books on Grief and Bereavement

If There’s Anything I Can Do? “Death is the last taboo in our custom,” writes Caroline Doughty, the author of If There’s Anything I Can Do: How to Help Someone Who Has Been Bereaved. It is because of this taboo, and her own experiences of being a young widow that she wrote this book. Not […]

Bible Verses About Death

As grief pours over us in waves of sorrow and pangs of fear, we need something to hold onto to keep us steady enough that we feel the sadness and mourn, but so that we do not drown in the misery that can come upon us. Words that have been passed from generation to generation […]